Service Fees
We have a transparent, commission based pricing structure. It is free to create a listing and there are no subscription fees. We set the service fees low so that you will always feel satisfied with the benefits of using the platform.

How does Eequ make money to develop the platform?

Eequ collects a service fee from the learner (or cardholder) and the mentor at each transaction.

  • We collect 5% service fee from the learner
  • We collect 5% service fee from the mentor

Launch offer.
During the launch period there are no service fees for mentors or learners.

Third party payment processing fee.

We utilise a third party payment processing platform called Stripe Connect to ensure the highest standards of safety and security. Stripe provides a smooth payment and payout process and facilitates refunds. They charge Eequ a fee of 1.4% + 20p for every successful payment. Eequ also pays a standing charge of £2 per month for each active mentor, as well as 0.25% of the account volume and £0.10 per payout.

Our service fees include the payment processing fees.