Ages: 7 - 18 years
Group size: 2 - 49
Parents must stay (without charge)
About this experience

Richard and Liz invite you to an hour of creativity for all the family in the build up to Christmas. There will be

building up! Make toys, pop-up cards and sweets - easy ones for children, with a grown-up;

stories some of them you will invent yourself; we'll show you how;

puzzles and games new, simple, and refreshing;

jokes and merry-making;

science bits: How water becomes ice; why snowflakes are so beautiful; how illusions work; how Santa gets down the chimney; how all the presents can get delivered in one night; how to write a Christmas list; how to use paper, scissors, glue and other materials; and throughout, the science of everyday life.

...Looks like we'll be going on for more than an hour! So we'll have the fun stuff at the start and save the more dedicated makes till the end.

(A list of required materials , and designs for the hands-on activities, will be sent with the booking confirmation).
A grown-up is required.
The main section will last 1 hour; the last half hour will be for longer makes.


Price is per family or group.
A grown up is required, to help with the makes, games and jokes.

About your mentor

Richard Robinson set up the Brighton Science Festival largely to encourage children and parents to share the fun together: to build, experiment, make mistakes and learn.

The Pocket Science Funfair has travelled far and wide, presenting amazing displays and activities as if they were fairground acts.

Liz Ward is one of the Pocket Science's chief entertainers. She is a a teacher in her own right, but understands how much the reach of the teach depends on the yearn to learn. When the eyes light up, the mind opens up. She exemplifies the mantra:

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

Working with Liz inspires a cascade of ideas. It has already been like Christmas here at HQ, unwrapping the bright, shiny ideas as they sit about us.

Strengths you may develop

Learning aims
The best game of all is the Game Of Life. Everything we play at gets used again and again through the years.
Games teach logic and foresight.
Crafts teach skills
"A sense of humour is intelligence dancing" Clive James
A family that plays together stays together

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This experience is offered by Richard

Science is amazing, but sometimes the language of science is frustrating, often acting more as a barrier to understanding than as a help. My mission is to share the excitement, and simplify the language so we can all take part in it. My childhood was spent surrounded by my dad and brothers, who were all engineers. Naturally, I wanted to be an artiste when I grew up! I managed to do both, by making puppets, including mechanisms, then performing them on a children's TV show about science (The Riddlers: elf-like folks who try to 'riddle out' how the world works). There I practised speaking simple science, and found it was just as easy to be rigorous and accurate with clear English as with science-speak. I set up the Brighton Science Festival in 2005, because there is a great need to get kids engaged with science. It has been a great romp for me since then, to make things and learn things, and to pass on my learning to others, which makes my life richer, more useful, and heaps more fun. I've written 20 books about science, mostly for 7-11 year-olds. Over the past 15 years I have continued to encourage scientific thinking via the Brighton Science Festival, and the Pocket Science Funfair. There's plenty to be done: we need to understand a lot of things, from the huge (think climate change...) to the tiny (...and viruses). Let's keep on trying.