Ages: 7 - 18 years
Group size: 2 - 6
Parents must stay (without charge)
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£13.79 per group or individual for a three day course. At least one adult should be present, to aid in the chat sections.
Concession price: £5 for a single session.
10.00am - 11.00am *
Monday 8th , Wednesday 10th , Friday 12th June

You have been on an exciting ride over the past 14 billion years. We're going to track you through the history of the Universe, from your first appearance in the Big Bang, as an atom; then in a molecule (of DNA, no less), then a germ, a worm, a fish, a mouse and a chimp. Finally you become human, and here you are!

On the way we'll discover your ancient past hidden inside you. Do you know why you get hiccups, or goose bumps, or flu, or sad? All will be revealed!

You will end up with a plan of the Universe and your place in it. On the way we dip into cosmology, geology, simple chemistry and physics, evolution, social sciences and psychology.

This will be achieved by ZOOMing. Once you are signed on you will be shown how to download the free ZOOM application (which you can use from then on for family meetings, school activities etc). The gathering will be easy to manage. Zoom is a great way to bring the community together, while keeping them apart, as it were.

Three sessions of 1 hour, comprising 30 minutes presentation plus 30 minutes Q&A and discussion -the best bit!

1) CATASTROPHES! The Big Bang and the formation of planets; the birth of Earth, earthquakes and volcanoes; and the beginning of life, (on Monday 8th, 10-11.00am)
2) EVOLUTION. From amoeba to ape, including (and trying to dodge) Dinosaurs, (on Wednesday 10th June 10.00-11.00am).
3) PLANET OF THE APES. How we conquered the world, and what next (on Friday 12th June 10.00-11.00am).


Concession price: £5
If you are eligible for a concession, book as normal and select the concession checkbox for the relevant learner.

Concession price of £5 is for a single episode, Monday, Wednesday or Friday 10.00-11.00am

Let me know which day on or 07974 572 990,

then turn up 15 minutes early to check everything is ok. (Zoom puts you in a 'waiting room - you can phone me from there)

About your mentor

I have been running the Brighton Science Festival since 2005, with half an eye on how it may serve my dream of writing the book: Are We Nearly Here Yet? The show has been around schools and festivals for a decade now, constantly adjusted to have the right balance of fun and facts. (favourite evaluation comment: "I laughed and learned!") .

My main discovery has been that we have the history of the Universe written through us, like a stick of rock. Amazing! I wish I knew all that when I was a kid.

So now my wish is to share 'all that' with as many as possible.

It's not a hard story, it is a strange story and wonderful one.

The best bit is the Q&A. Searching questions can lead to searching discussions. That's where the grown-ups come into their own.

Strengths you may develop

Learning aims
Understanding the past should help us cope with the present and prepare for the future
Knowing the way the Earth came to be the way it is will help us respect it.
Learning about mirror neurons, empathy and cooperation will help you realise (in both senses) your potential.
You will learn change what you can change; to accept what you cannot change; and how to tell them apart.
You will have a timeline for all of the Universe's history, on which to peg subsequent learning

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This experience is offered by Richard

When I was at school I wanted to be everything. So, reckoning that if I did science I could keep up with the arts, but not the other way round, I did science A levels. Then I applied to universities to do arts courses. They looked at my A levels, and laughed and laughed. There is sadly a huge barrier between sciences and arts. I found a gap and slipped through that barrier: Psychology! It is a science, but it spends a long time time studying art, creativity, imagination, etc. Cool. As it turns out, science is - amazing, though dealing with the lingo is frustrating. My mission is to share the excitement, but simplify the language so we can all do it. I have been lucky: after uni I was able to mix arts and science in a puppet series on children's TV about science (The Riddlers), and I've written 20 books about it. Over the past 15 years I have continued to encourage scientific thinking and creativity in schools and homes via the Brighton Science Festival, and the Pocket Science Funfair. There's plenty to do: we need to understand a lot of things, from the huge to the tiny (think climate change/viruses). Let's keep on trying.