Wolf Pack 2020-21: mentoring programme for boys 13-15 years

Ages: 13 - 16 years
Group size: 7 - 10
About this experience


Following a successful year in 2019, and a bit of a delay in 2020, Wolf Pack returns in 2020/21 for a new group of adventurous young men.

**Dates and payment options listed further below. A voucher can be provided if you are thinking of giving this experience as a gift - just enquire with the mentor**

Wolf Pack is a year's journey for a tribe of boys becoming men, aged 13-15 years. They take place during half terms and school holidays through the seasons, in local woodland and in some of England's finest wild environments.

Risk, challenges and adventure in the warm company of strong role models and fellow adventurers are vitally important for young people, to discover their huge capabilities, what they might stand for, and to develop a deep-seated self-reliance. Security is important for boys but its layers must be carefully removed in order for the young men to emerge. Yet the availability and encouragement of such experiences may often be limited, or crowded out by digital influences. Wolf Pack exists to facilitate deep encounters, learning through experiences in the natural world at the edge of comfort and ability, where the magic happens.

The adventure begins in the woods, travels nomadically through Dartmoor and the Peak District and culminates with a final Fire Quest.

Skills learned include bushcraft and survival skills (in particular advanced firemaking, regardless of initial experience level), campcraft, navigation, foraging, nature awareness - but the beauty of an expedition is that it tends to offer up exactly the lesson a person needs at the time... but often does not expect.

We invite you to come and discover the vast resources already inside you, learn new skills, make new friends, discover new possibilities and perhaps take an important step or two in the journey of manhood.

THE JOURNEYS (16 days in total):
Oct 24-25 2020 (Sat-Sun) - An overnighter from 12pm to 12pm, to break the ice for the group, ahead of the main programme in 2021
April 16-18 2021 (Fri-Sun) - The Woods, Sussex: Establish the tribe, bushcraft, firecraft, expedition skills including navigation, night games
June 2-4 2021 (Wed-Fri) - The Moor, Devon: An expedition into wild Dartmoor, travelling and sleeping light, putting our skills to work
July 26-28 2021 (Mon-Wed) - The Hills, Peak District: A more challenging itinerary, stepping it up a bit after Dartmoor
Sep 11-12 2021 (Sat-Sun) - Sussex weekender: We choose. Survival Night? Treasure Hunt? Or some other wild idea we come up with
Oct 23-25 2021 (Sat-Mon) - The Forest, Sussex: Culmination event including a Fire Quest

- £1,050 (equivalent to £65 per day) if paid in one go
- £1,100 if paid in 4 fixed stages (£400 deposit on booking, £250 at end of January, £225 at end of March three weeks before first event, £225 at end of April following first event)
- FUNDED PLACES: If this programme appeals to you, but feels out of reach financially, then please do not turn away. I have a patron, the Spayne Lindsay Foundation, who supports my work, and we can have a conversation about how we might be able to help. Get in touch with me and we can talk about it
- Whats included: food (27 hearty meals!), accommodation, mentoring, tuition, activities, materials, group equipment
- Not included: Personal kit and travel. For the Devon and Peak District events, an efficient option is to hire a minibus and drive the whole group. I would expect this to cost £40 per person on each occasion. Note that this travel time is not included in the indicated times for these two trips; we would be leaving early and arriving late on these days, or you can meet us there at the 4pm start time

1. Get in touch with me (use the purple 'Contact Mentor' button)
2. Conversation between parent / guardian and me
3. I meet / Skype / speak with the young man in question (to break the ice, allow him to find out for himself from me what its about, and to allow me to understand that he himself actually does want to do it - a critical factor)
4. Then we make the booking

- In order to be able to offer a programme like this, I require the full commitment of the participating young men (and their families). In a bonded group like Wolf Pack, an amount of synergy is lost by an individual missing one trip, and the whole group is affected, not just the absentee; each member carries a responsibility for the wider group. Participants will be able to meet or speak with Chris before committing, in order to be fully informed to make the decision.
- A degree of physical fitness is required, and a mindset to take on the various challenges. Sometimes we will be carrying our equipment on consecutive days, often over rough terrain. By design, there is some struggle
- Similarly, this programme requires a degree of social / emotional skill, and an agreed willingness to engage in such challenges, as they come hand in hand with the physical endeavour
- Note that this course is very closely related to another Devon-based Wolf Pack, run by Wildwise, which has run for a number of years, I used to lead, and is still running - see
- Bookings on this course are subject to Chris Packe's Terms and Conditions. To review these, please copy this link and paste into your web browser:

If you are interested in this programme, do please contact me to discuss further, using the purple Contact Mentor button at the top of the page.

There is also a video interview on Wolf Pack that you can give you more background, especially if you don't like reading things. No direct links here, so copy and paste this into your web browser:

Chris is also developing courses and programmes for those aged 16+. Do get in touch if interested for this age group.

See my blog 'Insights from the Outdoors' at for writings and observations pertinent to the matters the Wolf Pack course addresses.

See further below for testimonials left on this website from participants in 2019 and onwards.

Testimonials from Wolf Pack courses I led in Devon for Wildwise:

"My son has loved this programme and all the leaders. He keeps telling me that he wishes it wasn't over. He has had so much fun on all the outdoor adventures and spending whole weekends outside. But it has also given him a great opportunity and space for reflection and reconnecting with himself."
Annette, Wolf Pack 2019

"I would most definitely recommend this programme to others - a fantastic experience for your child, I consider my son very privileged to be blessed with such amazing accomplishments and memories."
Morwenna, Wolf Pack 2019

"I felt loved and cared for, every step of the way I also was treated very maturely and I was allowed to make my own decisions on multiple occasions."
Participant, 2019

"It has positively affected his self-esteem; hes faced some challenges and become acquainted with his internal fire. When we picked him up he was literally radiant... I can still see that change in him... He already has a calmer, more centred and purposeful air about him... Chris has inspired [my son] and made a deep impression on him... The programme was pitched perfectly." Sarah, Wildwise Wolf Pack 2018

"The course has taught him new learning points in his self both in terms of his own body image and in terms of learning what he is physically capable of. He has flourished as a young man under the wing of Chris. Feeling that he could share his innermost thoughts with the leaders and safely within the group is a new experience." Shelley, Wildwise Wolf Pack 2018

"The exceptional holding and challenge created by Chris and the team will get your son through stronger and more balanced... The exceptionally high skill base and depth of experience was breathtaking and highly valuable to both me and [my son]." Cat, Wildwise Wolf Pack 2018

"The whole experience has been brilliant. [My son] has certainly been challenged and faced his fears. Hes learned skills, had adventures and been wonderfully supported through the whole thing. Hes grown in many ways... This is one of the few opportunities for boys to experience real challenge and adventure." Janet, Wildwise Wolf Pack 2018

"A challenging and uplifting journey into the natural world that triggers significant inner growth in a young person, resulting in a noticeable step up in self-awareness, self-confidence and a tremendous feeling of well-being after each event. I am hugely grateful for the mentoring and support my son received during these events, a special rapport that encouraged the best from the boys. They all have some very special experiences and memories to carry with them." Tania, Wildwise Wolf Pack 2017

About your mentor

At the heart of this project is my desire for young people to experience freedom and the transformation that comes from it: the freedom that comes from a young man discovering his own power, shaking off imagined or unchallenged restraints, and making up his own rules about who he is and how he chooses to face the world as a man.
I have been a bushcraft instructor for 5 years now (for 15 years I was an investment banker in London), and I am a qualified hillwalking guide. I am also engaged in mentoring (through the charity A Band of Brothers and with individuals locally), as well as coaching and guiding, both adults and children. I have convened a consistent men's fire circle in the woods for over 4 years, I own a wood where I carry out small woodland management projects, I'm part of a sketch comedy troupe, and I often write, cartoon... even make rap songs. I have hiked all my life and spent many years mountaineering before having children and shifting my time in nature to the more easily accessible woods. Whatever the landscape, I have built up a massive respect for the powerful medicine contained in expedition-type journeys, and the glorious, valiant struggle they often serve up.

Wolf Pack allows me to blend all of these influences into this deep, sustained offering.

Strengths you may develop

Learning aims
Wolf Pack does not seek to prescribe any learning outcomes; there are broad aims which meet each individual differently, and these are usually best approached sideways
Such broad aims include the development of self-reliance, a young man's expanded awareness of his capabilities, and a sense of what might be his most pressing current themes in his journey of manhood
By the very nature of the programme, a wide range of physical, mental, emotional and social skills will be called upon and inevitably refined. These will be discovered and explored along the way
By the end of Wolf Pack, these young men will have equipped themselves with confidence and willpower, life skills, practical skills, broader horizons and many tales of their heroic deeds
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Basic DBS  Basic DBS

Enhanced DBS  Enhanced DBS

Risk Assessment  Risk Assessment

Public Liability Insurance  Public Liability Insurance

Smoke detector  Smoke detector

First aid training  First aid training

First aid kit  First aid kit

Safeguarding training  Safeguarding training

Please note it is the responsibility of the booker to satisfy themselves about the adequacy of the safety measures. This platform is merely an introducer and does not verify the items listed here.


My experience consists of a leisure activity, on a specific date(s), and therefore the 14-day ‘cooling off period’ under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 does not apply.

Cancellation process

Wolf Pack demands a high level of commitment from the organisers, and therefore a reciprocal level of commitment from families sending their son to join. We form a tribe and journey through the 5 experiences as a cohesive group. Absences or mid-programme cancellations are highly disruptive to the group, due to the strong bonds formed. Once the programme starts, no new participants are able to join, and so the ability to provide refunds for cancellations is limited. The £400 deposit on booking is not refundable. But if a participant decides after the first camp that, for good reason, he does not want to continue, then any money paid except the deposit will be refunded. Beyond this, there can be no further refunds. In order to avert this situation, I will meet / speak / Skype with parents and son, to ensure that the time is indeed right, and the intention strong and clear, to participate in this programme. After booking, I will send you additional documents including terms of participation (various acknowledgements and understandings around how we will operate), along with brief questionnaires around health and intention. Detailed event information will be circulated in good time ahead of each event.

This experience is offered by Chris

Forest Row

Chris used to climb mountains and work in the City until he had children, took off the tie, stopped travelling so far away and promptly fell in love with the woods and hills and their associated crafts. He is particularly fired up by running events and programmes that relate to men / fathers / teenage lads. This comes to life as nature-based youth mentoring programmes – year courses for young men such as Wolf Pack (13-16 years) and Odyssey (16-19 years), as well as Feral Fathers (feisty weekend events for fathers and sons / daughters) and convening a monthly men’s fire circle (since 2015). In addition, he does work that is variously described as coaching, mentoring and guiding (he is a qualified hill walking guide), and also sketch comedy, writing, cartooning and songwriting. Chris also finds himself owning a piece of woodland - a place to work, experiment and often to just go to alone and sleep in. He lives in Forest Row and has two children.