An Introduction to Hacking with Python and Minecraft

Ages: 9 - 18 years
Group size: 2 - 12
Parents can observe (without charge)
About this experience

Hello again!

After an awesome half-term run of workshops, some just for girls, at the BA i360 in Brighton, we're running a day of coding workshops at the Eequ Easter Learning Festival located at Michael Hall school in Forest Row!

Genius Brighton coding workshops will be giving a simple two-hour introduction to the concepts of Hacking using the Python programming language. For ages 9 and up.

The world of work is changing fast. How can we know which specific skills our children are likely to need when they grow up? We can't. What we CAN do is equip them with the ability to teach themselves, to think critically, to solve problems and analyse data rationally.

That's what learning to code is all about.

This workshop is all about curiosity, trying things out, picking things apart and putting them back together. In a word - hacking.

In this short two-hour session you'll get a fast introduction to one of the most important programming languages in the world at the moment - Python. You'll use it to hack the Minecraft game, and find out how to automate the boring bits. We'll encourage you to try things out, ask questions, change things and see what ideas you can come up with.

You won't remember the details of the code in a year's time, but what you will remember is that there's nothing mysterious about coding, and that you can find out and teach yourself anything you like, whenever you need it!

About your mentor

Hi - I'm Andrew, and I run Genius Brighton educational workshops. You might know us from our Venture Coders workshops. I'm a working scientist - a physicist - working in geophysics and data science. I've been running workshops like this, in and around Brighton, for children since around 2015. I also tutor maths, physics and coding privately.
Our workshops are all about developing the skills our children will need in the future - it's not about creating a generation of computer scientists! We want to create a generation of children that have the skills to follow their passion wherever it takes them, without feeling restricted by a rigid education. That means having the confidence to learn new things, to solve problems, to not be afraid to dive into something new. This, more than anything else, is what you'can expect from our workshops.

Strengths you may develop

Learning aims
You'll learn what hacking is all about, and how the hacking you hear about in the media is only a part of the story!
You'll get a fast introduction to one of the world's most important programming languages - Python, and you'll learn how to put together short programs that control the Minecraft game.
You'll learn the basics of some of the most important skills you'll need in the future. Hacking is all about problem solving, figuring things out and knowing how to teach yourselves new things.
You're going to have fun, because having fun is how we REALLY learn!
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I'm a practising scientist living in West Sussex with three children, a dog and a cat.