About Eequ

Imagine a school where there are no bells or timetables or uniforms.

Imagine a university where you can pick and choose courses from any and every discipline.

Imagine a world where emotional intelligence is as important as IQ.

Imagine a new education system altogether.

We think that everyone should be given more freedom to choose the education that is right for them. Eequ aims to make this choice easy by providing one platform to search, arrange and record a lifetime of learning experiences.


We create a platform for children and adults to be self directed in their learning, where they can discover their true passions and individual talents.


We think that everyone learns best from people who inspire. These people are all around us but they don’t necessarily end up as trained teachers in your local school or uni. Eequ makes it easy for all kinds of people to transform their hobbies, skills and life stories into amazing learning experiences. We call these people Mentors and they love to pass on their knowledge in their own time.


This is your platform.


It is made with love by people who think it’s time to reimagine education.



Welcome to Eequ,


Avida Hancock
– Founder